Park introduction
Laoshan National Forest Park is located in the main city of Pukou District, east of Hi-tech Pukou District, the Western Union Anhui and the county, with a total area of ??10 mu, after 50 years of closing hillsides afforestation and artificial afforestation, the forest coverage rate reached 90%, air quality in Jiangsu Province Ranked first, known as "Nanjing green lung" and "natural oxygen bar" is a rare Pure Land. As early as 1991, it was awarded as a national forest park by the former Ministry of Forestry and was later rated as "Popular Science Education Base of Jiangsu Province", "Jiangsu Province Environmental Education Base" and "National AAA Grade Scenic Area". In 2008 and 2009, the Nanjing Laoshan Cup National Mountain Bike Championship was held two consecutive years for two consecutive years. 2014 was designated by the Youth Olympic Games as a mountain bike, road car track. Therefore, the new Pukou with the 2014 Youth Olympic Games to show the world a "ecological, modern and harmonious" a business card.

Laoshan National Forest Park takes the natural forest as the main body, the Cangshan Qifeng as the skeleton, the health and leisure as the context, the cultural relics and historic sites dotted the meantime, and forms a natural scenery tourist area that is coordinated by the static landscape and the dynamic landscape, and the natural landscape and the human landscape are seamlessly integrated .

Laoshan a wide variety of animals and plants, more than 200 kinds of animals, of which 164 species of birds, the most representative of the birds is known as the "forest guards," Gray Magpie. Caoluo also some national protection animals: Chinese tiger butterfly, civet, deer, pomfret, pangolins, beavers, badger haunt. Plant species 148 families 1053 species, mainly pine and bamboo-based, so listen to Songtao view bamboo sea is also a big landscape.

In addition, Caoshan history and culture has a long history. There are dozens of temples and Taoist temples built in Laoshan Mountain. Among them, the large temples of Tupisi, Seven Buddhist Temples and Zhenwu Palace are built in the Song, Ming and Qing dynasties, all of which will become the precious cultural heritage of Laoshan.

The entire forest park consists of three major scenic areas: Lion Ridge scenic area, flat area, seven Buddhist temple area. Currently open to the outside world is where we are now seven Buddha Temple Scenic Area, seven Buddhist temple called Eagle Mountain area, located in the middle of Laoshan, Jiangpu Forest Avenue runs through them, Pearl Springs Scenic Area and adjacent to this. By the Eagle Mountain, Face Hill, Hat Hill, Chair Hill, Big Chair Hill, Black Rock and other components. Visitors can climb mountains here, where we have an Eagle Mountain, elevation 326 meters high, you can climb through the Laoshan ladders, good visibility, you can overlook the panoramic view of Laoshan, Yangtze River aquarium, the ancient city of Jinling; visibility is not good, although there Kind of "loss of the fog floor," can not see the scenery in the distance, but do not have a kind of love, rolling mountains seem to ups and downs, thousands of odd hundred locks locked in the mist of mountains and lan, mysterious, any you blind think, let you know. Will be able to climb with me, exercise, at the same time, to feel that kind of atmosphere; You can also grass, barbecue, ring the first drum of Jinling, explore strange cabins, participate in World of Warcraft, zipline, live CS entertainment Sex items; champion Plaza, is our important cultural attractions here; so interested tourists can also Laoshan specialty shops, buy some Laoshan native products: Laoshan Yuncha, Laoshan honey, the old Shan Shanzhen wild vegetables, nuts series, everything. It can be said here is a recreation and tourism area featuring wild forest and healthy recreation, forest recreation and natural ecotourism as the main content.

Project Introduction
Jinling first drum
Mountain pathway
Eagle Mountain Tourist Tower
Bird Park
Popular Science Museum
Snake science park
Forest climbing
Slide pasture
Forest playground
Transportation program

Car route:
1, turn right under the bridge - Pu Zhu North Road - Longhua left intersection of Nanjing-Chu Expressway - Huangshanling Road - Park
2, the Yangtze River Tunnel - Straight Ning Chu Expressway - turn left along the Avenue - Huangshan Ridge - Park
3, Third Bridge - Laoshan Tunnel - Ninglian Expressway (Yongning Exit) - Park

Public transport routes:
Take Subway Line 10 to Longhua Road Station
Transfer to Jiangpu Coach Station West 608; 611 Road

Jiangpu Bus Station transfer 401 Road

Take Subway Line 10 to Wende Road Station
Transfer to Jiangpu People Square 608; 610 Road

Take bus 400; 402; 510; 601; 605; 612; 684; D61
Transfer to Jiangpu Coach Station Road 401

Take the bus D15 Road; D7 Road
Transfer to Jiangpu Coach Station West 608; 611 Road

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